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Extended puts you in the driver's seat of your viewing experience.

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Boost your viewing experience

Our easy-to-use extension gives you more control over streaming platforms of your choice. It’s a great tool that combines multiple functionalities.

Control playback speed

Speed up or slow down the playback, watch videos at your own pace.

Skip intros and recaps

Skip unwanted fragments of video, fast forward ads, save more time for smooth watching.

Hide spoilers

Hide the episode descriptions, never let your series get spoiled again.

Turn your cursor off

Hide the mouse cursor and enjoy the videos in peace. Available for HBOmax and Hulu.


Choose your streaming platform

Extended is currently available for:

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how it works

Three simple steps to improve your watching experience

Spend time on what you love - watching your favorite shows and movies.

Install Extended

Go to the Chrome Web Store, choose the extension for the platform you’re interested in, and click “Add to Chrome”.


Run your favorite series

Open the streaming platform, sign in to your account and pick something to watch.


Choose your preferences

You can manage the settings and choose from all the available options in the extension’s control panel, by using built-in toggles.


user reviews

Here’s what our Users say about Extended

Some of the Chrome Webstore reviews


Fantastic extension, does everything it promises flawlessly.


This is just awesome. Automatically switches to next episodes as well keeps the description of the episode faded. And the new Icon loving it. Kudos to the developer.


Love it works as advertised on the brave browser! Thank you for your work!


I watch Netflix on browser just for this add on. Makes life a lot easier. Love it. <3


Safety first

One extension to rule them all.

Verified by Chrome Web Store, this extension boosts your at-home watching experience. Control the playback speed, automatically click the next episode button, skip intros and recaps, fast forward ads and hide episode synopsis... all packed in one extension! Now you’re ready to enjoy video content tailored to your personal viewing preferences.


We're here to guide you

If you have any questions or need a helping hand with Extended, just shoot us an email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.